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IT Infrastructure Management

Managing IT infrastructure amidst evolving challenges like rising costs, cybersecurity issues, and scalability limitations demands expertise. Entra TECH, a top Australian IT solutions provider, offers tailored solutions to optimize operations and mitigate cyber risks, facilitating business growth.

IT Infrastructure Management
IT Infrastructure Management

Types of IT Infrastructure Management Services Entra TECH Offers – 

System Administration & Support: We offer extensive management and support for your servers, data storage, network and security and critical business applications. 

Software Security & Patching: We prioritise cybersecurity by implementing timely software patching, conducting vulnerability scanning, and deploying fool-proof security controls. These measures are crucial to safeguard your infrastructure from potential threats. 

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions: Our automated backup systems and robust disaster recovery plan provide a reliable shield for your data against internal and external threats. This ensures the continuity of your business operations even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.  

Network Design & Cabling: We architect infrastructure with high-performing wired and wireless networks tailored to your unique business needs and structured cabling implementations.  

Server & Workstation Set up: From procurement to deployment, we take care of the complete lifecycle of servers and workstations, depending on your infrastructure requirements.  

Server Virtualisation – Our expertise in effectively implementing and managing virtualised server environments enables us to maximise resource utilisation while reducing unnecessary associated expenditures.  

Help Desk Services: Our help-desk professionals offer round-the-clock assistance for on-site and remote issues your workforce encounters. 

Why Choose Entra TECH IT Infrastructure Management Services? 

 Cost-Effective – Our ultra-modern solutions eliminate support costs while enhancing your visibility in IT infrastructure performance and optimising operations.  

Strategic Expertise – Our infrastructure management professionals are experts in implementing seamless, secure, and reliable infrastructure to ensure the best experience for your overall infrastructure.  

Top-notch Solutions We partner with tech giants in their field to offer customised end-to-end infrastructure solutions for your current and evolving IT needs.  

Business Continuity – Our robust backup, disaster recovery and cybersecurity measures ensure your business operates without interruption.  

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