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Managed Internet

Managed Internet Services

Get high-speed, secure internet solutions tailored for your business. Entra TECH, a leading Australian ISP, offers cost-effective, reliable connectivity to keep your business productive and connected.

Managed Internet
Managed Internet

What is Managed Internet Service?

Managed Internet Service refers to a holistic suite of internet connectivity solutions offered by a Service Provider to monitor, optimise and secure a business’ internet connection. Acting as an intermediary between the organisation and its internet service, the Managed Internet Service Providers (MISPs) perform tasks such as designing, maintaining, and troubleshooting while increasing performance and building robust security measures for their customer’s infrastructure.

Why Consider Entra TECH Managed Internet Services? 

  1. Redundant and High-Speed Internet Connectivity– Our partnership with leading internet service providers in Australia enables us to provide high-speed, 99.9999% uptime, and redundant connections while ensuring disruption-free internet access.
  2. Dedicated Monitoring and Support – Our team of seasoned professionals 24/7 monitor your internet infrastructure to identify issues and vulnerabilities before they impact your business operations.
  3. Scalable to Meet Your Growing Needs – Our Managed Internet Plans are flexible to your ever-evolving needs of the internet, enabling you to scale up or down your bandwidth to meet the changing demands.
  4. Competitive Pricing to Maximise Your Investment – We work around your financial constraints by ensuring you get competitive pricing for your internet connection and ongoing maintenance without incurring unnecessary costs.

Do You Need Help To Grow?

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