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Microsoft Services

Unlock the Capabilities of Your Microsoft Solutions Capitalising & making the most of their Microsoft Solutions investments requires businesses to partner with someone with expertise to unleash the solutions' capabilities. As a Microsoft partner, Entra TECH offers an extensive range of Microsoft services customised to meet the changing needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services

Entra TECH’s Microsoft Service Offerings: 


Office 365: Our Microsoft specialists enable you to unleash the full potential of a cloud-based productivity suite to ensure secure collaboration, communication & document management across the organisation.  


Microsoft Azure: Our experts help you leverage Microsoft’s cloud computing platform capabilities to build, deploy, and manage applications with scalability, security, and reliability. 


Microsoft 365: We combine Office 365, device management capabilities and advanced security to empower the workflow with a holistic suite of productivity tools customised to the modern workplace. 


Microsoft Cloud Services: Harness Microsoft Cloud Services’ capabilities with our customised cloud solutions to reduce costs and optimise resources while staying agile in a rapidly changing IT landscape. 


Microsoft Support: Our dedicated support team offers 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure your operations run smoothly with minimum downtime and maximum productivity. 


Why Choose Entra TECH’s Microsoft Services? 


Microsoft Partner Advantage – As a Microsoft Partner, Entra TECH provides unrivalled expertise and early access to newly released Microsoft technologies, ensuring you stay ahead and thrive in today’s dynamic ecosystem. 


Certified Professionals – Our certified team of Microsoft professionals adheres to best industry practices and capitalises on proven methodologies to deliver tailored solutions that align with your unique business goals and requirements. 


Effortless Implementation – We strive to deliver superior customer services and transparent communication with our customers to ensure a seamless transition and maximum ROI from Microsoft investments.  

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